04 December, 2009

Night Market

Rice sausage....it's good. We actually gambled for these sausages - if you win, you win three sausages, you lose, you have to pay. Gambling for food seems like a better idea than for riches.
Here we are with our friend Luke and also with a new Taiwanese friend named Stanley. Stanley also helped show us around the market, letting us know what we cannot go without trying. We are currently staying at Luke's apartment, his friends are out of town. It has been really great getting to know Luke, who is studying Mandarin right now, as well as a huge blessing to have a place to stay while we are looking for jobs.
Headed back to the MRT.
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  1. yay for new friends in Taiwan! Particularly ones who have cameras and take awesome pictures, so we can finally see jon in a few.
    These are great, I love the one with the hallway. thanks for sharing a glimpse of Taiwan.