25 June, 2009

Latte Art

This is what I've been doing for a year now - coffee - coffee - coffee.

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23 June, 2009

A Few Words

Today was a beautiful day. Dawn and Dusk, with their respective surrounding hours, are my favorite. Color's come alive, the day seem to carry such emotion, a small journey from beginning to end. Perspective rapidly changes. The pace quickens for a moment. Dawn & Dusk - wonderful.

I've been extremely happy with my new camera. The Nikon D60 - a fairly entry level Digital SLR. Getting great pictures is really satisfying. I think everyone has different outlets for their creativity and personality - this is one of mine and I look forward to it's growth.

With that said. I've been playing a lot with shooting in different lighting, different aperatures, speeds, and with my different lenses. The camera came with a nice 18 - 55mm lense. I purchased a small prime lense - 50mm and thanks to the great generosity of AJ, a co-owner of Sip & Kranz, I now have a 55-200mm zoom lense!

A few things that I am really excited for as I think about my adventure abroad: Learning new things - I love to learn. Food!, I am really excited to experience and indulge in Thailands wonderful foods along with my first REAL exposure to legit Chinese food in Taiwan. The plan is to blog about food, with photo's and descriptions. I'm also set on taking cooking lessons in Thailand and Taiwan.

....People - my friends in Thailand and "to be" friends in Thailand are a huge motivation for me to visit. I love the process of interacting and building meaningful relationships cross culturally.

Last but not least - lest I make this way to long - I look forward to traveling and growing with my brother Phillip and good friend Nolan, who could ask for a better experience than to travel over a year with 2 good friends. I hope we sharpen and strengthen one another as we together travel this section of the journey called life.


22 June, 2009

Visiting Grandpa

We stopped by Corvallis to see Granpa Stuber on Father's Day. Looking Dashing as always.

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21 June, 2009


Fun with a mirror.
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We gave Dad a metal firepit for the backyard, for Father's Day - this is our enjoyment of it.

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The Kellerman Rahm Wedding

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20 June, 2009

19 June, 2009

Home Country

Off to Eugene / Junction City for a Wedding, Family, & Father's day - pictures to follow.

17 June, 2009

A few extra's from Seattle

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Seattle - Day 2

We spent all day with Andrew and Renee, really good friends. Frisbee, Soccer, Sun, Lake, Great Sushi, Badmitton, Wall-E, Chatting, Wine, Cheescake, what more could you ask for? Great Sunday morning breakfast as well.

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Weekend in Seattle - Dinner

Margi and I headed to Seattle this last weekend. First stop, a wonderful dinner prepared by the great cook Taryn Lund. We had a great time spending the evening with my brother David and Taryn. Wonderful meatballs with lemon and herbs, homemade pasta, and a great glass of Chanti. Finished with some wonderful strawberries and homemade cookies.

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