22 September, 2010

Takin to learnin

Alright. It's been way to long since I've posted anything (I wrote this prior to posting honeymoon photos). So...I need a project of some sort. Food related, but of course, always a good excuse to take photos.

I'm going to just brainstorm a little.

Something that has been on my mind is to master a dumpling creation of some sort. I don't know of any place in Portland that I can easily get amazing, heavenly dumpling. They are soo good. I'm always reminded when thinking about Asian food - it's all about the texture and quality of the basic structure. Dumplings are not all about what's inside - they are about the texture of the experience. That's thought #1.

Soups would be a good and appropriate thing to work through. I could do a soup lineup, documenting their creation. French Onion would def. make the cut along with some roasted vegetable bisque of some sort.

I would love to do some sort of butchering! Despite how great it would be, I don't have enough experience to legitimize mangling a well slaughtered animal, it's too expensive, I kinda need a guide for that. One day, breaking down a pig, one day. I could break down chickens and make chicken stock!

Bread would be great...aside from the fact that Margi is allergic to gluten.

Another great project is beer! A slight investment that might initially be prohibitive at this time, although documenting some brews would be great. Hazelnut brown anyone?

I didn't realize I had this many ideas of the top of my head when I took to writing a few words.

Anyone have any votes / thoughts?


Honeymoon pt.4

So much Chicken Katsu! Ohhh, so good!
Our last photo in Maui......oh wait...we didn't make the flight so this is almost our last photo in Maui!
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Honeymoon pt.3

Lunch at Haliimaile General Store

We got some great passion fruit at a street fruit stand!
Climbing trees!
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Honeymoon pt.2

Sunrise at Haleakala
She looks good huh? Yea.

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