24 January, 2010


A break from my blog has seemed appropriate.

Life has changed significantly for me. I'm back in Portland, Oregon. My daily experience is no longer a sweet medley of a hot wok, fish sauce, soft rice, and steamed buns full of surprises. I'm back in the domain of fresh hopped beer, beautiful espresso, sleeve tattoos, and an enchantingly wet cityscape.

What was the Far East Concatenation is now - The Concatenation.

A flurry of ideas, questions, experiences, and expressions - this is a space for that flurry. A space for dialog with life.


  1. I like.
    Excited to hear new thoughts.

  2. Are you heading back to Sip & Kranz, bro?

  3. Nah, not planning on heading back to Sip. There's a chance I will be at a little cafe in the NE and talk of maybe working for Stumptown at some point. Lots is to be determined.